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A user-friendly and realistic platform to expose students to the unique challenges and complexities of business strategy on the global stage.

What is GlobalDNA

Through a realistic, hands-on learning experience, students explore why companies choose to compete internationally. As they gain insight into multinational operations, they are challenged by differing market conditions and their influence on strategy. GlobalDNA allows your students to apply what they have learned, supporting their strategic thinking with tactical implementation.

Self-Directed Onboarding

The Executive Development Program, a multimedia-rich resource modeled on real-world, job-rotation training, introduces students to their GlobalDNA corporation. Case studies on a fictional company, dealing with the fallout from a range of tactical missteps, lead students through the self-directed on-boarding process. Using interactive tutorials, students learn key concepts as well as how to use the simulation’s interface.

Information When It's Needed

Designed to simplify management decision-making, GlobalDNA’s customized virtual intranet is constantly refreshed with just-in-time information. Interactive charts and tables make it easy to keep up with evolving customer demands in targeted markets, forecast demand, and monitor competitors. Plus, relevant business issues are featured in a regularly updated news panel.

Automated Debrief Tool

First-hand analysis of decisions is one of the keys to learning in any simulation. GlobalDNA has an integrated tool that after each round provides detailed insight into all key results—by team, region, and product—so you can easily provide feedback to the class. Or students can utilize that information in a self-debriefing process

Complete Curriculum Guide

Adaptable for classes ranging from a few days to a full semester, GlobalDNA has the flexibility to be the primary focus of your course in the classroom, online or both. It can also be completed individually or as a group project. GlobalDNA is ideal for international business, global strategy, and global marketing courses.

The guide includes support for:

  • building a content framework for competencies, goals, objectives and specific activities.

  • planning lessons aligned with course or program goals with sample themes, objectives, activites and resources.

  • assessing students throughout their GlobalDNA experience.

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