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Online Team and Peer Assessment

TeamMATE is an online, self-directed assessment tool that improves team performance efficiently and effectively.

What is TeamMate?

Teamwork is essential in the business world. Instructors assign team projects to prepare students, but many lack the time to provide feedback critical for student development. TeamMATE is an easy-to-use, online tool that provides an efficient and effective way to collect quality data about individual and team performance. Based on the science of team performance and backed by decades of research, TeamMATE simplifies grading for professors and enhances learning for students.

Online Peer Evaluations

Sorting through handwritten peer evaluations is slow and inefficient. TeamMATE simplifies the process by providing an online peer evaluation created around the science of teamwork. TeamMATE asks the right questions and delivers aggregate data displayed in easy-to-read interactive charts and tables. That means easier grading for you and valuable feedback for students.

Self-Directed Student Learning

You need more than peer review to create individual accountability and curb social loafing. You need a way to help students develop the skills to become effective team members. TeamMATE automatically generates personalised self-directed developmental tactics based on evaluation data. Students can reflect on strengths and weaknesses and are provided actionable steps to improve individual and team performance.

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