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Multisource Assessment Tool for Business Schools to Measure Soft Skills

Differentiate your MBA program while ensuring your students' success beyond the classroom.

What is Capsim360?

Your program has a lot to offer, now you have the opportunity to offer more. Capsim360 measures nine key managerial skills identified as most important in research, delivers the data needed for students to self-reflect and craft a soft-skill development plan, provides institutions reliable data for accreditation and curriculum purposes, and demonstrates the value of your program to all stakeholders.

Help Ensure Your Student's Success Beyond the Classroom

Capsim360 is an innovative multisource assessment that allows a business school to measure the soft skills needed to ensure successful graduates. This online survey provides insightful data that institutions can use for accreditation and students can use for professional development.


  • Measures the nine key managerial skills most cited in research

  • Consists of 48 behaviors and two open-ended questions

  • User driven with easy administration

  • Can be completed in under 15 minutes

  • Reliable and valid results, field tested on more than 2,000 individuals and 16,000 responses

Easy and Scalable Implementation

Site licenses offer more flexibility and cost savings

  • Unlimited assessment opportunities

  • Ability to create additional skill domains

  • Longitudinal reporting

  • Help aligning Capsim360 data to your accreditation learning goals

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